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Poetry Cards

Hello, and welcome to Poetry Cards. AT LAST! A greeting card is now available which provides an asthetically pleasing product with a heartfelt verse. Most end up buying a greeting card which offers either a pleasing but a poorly written verse or no verse at all. Or vice versa. What we offer is a greeting card which not only makes a bold statement asthetically, but also offers a personalised and moving text.

Dedicated to the person you love and care about, Poetry Cards cater to all manner of events such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Get Well Soon, Mother's Day, Retirement, Sympathy, Valentine's Day, Weddings and more besides. All our cards stand proudly on ther own rear support strut which presents the personalised poetry face on.

All our cards are A4 sized. This means a vivid design and bold typography presented at genererous proportions. Feel free to see our fll range by clicking on the gallery buttons above.